Dixie Dregs - Freefall CD

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The Dixie Dregs burst out of Florida in the mid 70's as a quintet of keyboards, guitar, violin, bass and drums, heavily influenced by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, but bringing their own Southern-flavored soul to the stew. No one ever tried to combine Maha-intensity with bluegrass pickin' before and anyone who has tried it since is simply following their model. Their 1st album, originally released in May, 1977.

"The debut recording from the Dixie Dregs (The Great Spectacular is considered a demo) stands as one fusion's high-water marks. This music is wholly original and played with a freshness and vigor that had begun to wane in a genre that was becoming a model in self-parody. The influences here are plentiful, but it is the country roots that provide the music with its vitality. Founder/guitarist Steve Morse proved to be an important new guitarist, offering an inimitable style with the technique the music demands. The music is complex and challenging, but that's easy to overlook due to the band's sunny approach. While they would go on to create more fully realized recordings, this one proved that fusion had a soul." - All Music Guide
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