Dizrhythmia - Too CD

In 1988, when nearly no one was paying any attention to him, progressive music or much of anything else, Jakko M. Jakszyk headed a group including Peter Blegvad, Gavin Harrison, Dave Stewart and Danny Thompson, among others, that released a much enjoyed album on Antilles, by the few that noticed it under the name of Dizrhythmia.
Now, nearly 30 years later and with his profile much higher as the main singer in the new King Crimson, he's back with a new one! And many of the original participants are here!
Gavin Harrison: Drums, Percussion
Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar, Keyboards, vocals
Danny Thompson: Double Bass
Pandit Danesh: Indian Percussion, vocals
Dave Stewart-keyboards
Richard Barbieri-keyboards

"Second, long-overdue, album from band including two members of current King Crimson line-up, legendary bass player Danny Thompson & ace Indian percussionist Pandit Danesh.
Rarely has the term “super-group” been more appropriately used than to describe the stellar talents at work on this album – both in terms of main members and guests.
With Jakszyk and Harrison currently working together in King Crimson, Thompson as one of the most in-demand players and Dinesh providing TV soundtracks and innumerable guest spots, the opportunities for them to combine their talents has been a relatively rare occurrence, which goes some way to explaining why it’s taken nearly 28 years for them to get around to recording a follow-up to their debut album released in 1988.
An eclectic mixture effortlessly blending jazz, rock, pop and elements drawn from Indian music, Dizrhythmia Too highlights the first-class playing expected from musicians of this calibre and showcases the unique chemistry that happens when they work together.
With recording sessions snatched and grabbed between other commitments, Gavin Harrison’s eloquent and lyrical drumming gently pushes and drives the material, urging on Jakszyk’s nimble acoustic guitar flourishes and Dinesh’s thoughtful embellishments. Underpinning the graceful arc of the music is the soulful swoop of Danny Thompson’s trademark depth-charge bass playing.
Very much a labour of love, Dizrhythmia Too proves that sometimes the best things are well worth waiting for."
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