Dregs - Industry Standard (Japanese mini-lp sleeve) (special)

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An amazing, newly lowered price on perfect copies of the Japanese mini-lp sleeve version of this classic fusion album, which is sadly completely and utterly out of print in every part of the world.

All good things must come to an end, and eventually, even the Dregs had to pack it in. This was their sixth and final album, recorded in 1982 by famous Yes engineer/producer Eddy Offord.

This was their sixth and final album and even though it's still a great album, you can hear that it is now 1982 and that the record label are leaning on the group to be more 'populist', because there are two vocal (!!) tracks on the album which are performed perfectly well, but, honestly, the Dregs were never about being a vocal band. Still, there are 7 instrumental tracks that are really great and basically as good as anything this excellent band ever did; this isn't a commercial album by any means, which is probably why they did come to an end!

Their long-time violinist, Allen Sloan had retired to become a brain surgeon (!!) and he was replaced by the soon-to-be-legendary fiddler Mark O'Connor, who is amazing on here. Additionally, Steve Howe of Yes duets with Steve Morse; the two great 'Steve' guitarists in one room; they just don't make fusion bands like this anymore...
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