Dunmall, Paul/Matthew Bourne/Dave Kane/Steve Davis - Moment to Moment

"The legendary powerful saxophonist Paul Dunmall teams up with the incredibly inventive trio of Bourne/Davis/Kane. The results sound like they have been playing together for years, creating music of great depth and sincerity. Dunmall goes from strength to strength on this his latest SLAM release. Recorded University of West England June 22, 2008."

"One of the most intense sessions I have heard in some while, this starts off diffidently enough, with Kane playing some tentative phrases way up at the top of the bass’s range. Dunmall edges in with smoky toned countermelody, and Davis and Bourne join in with guarded contributions, but soon all four instruments are jockeying for position, elbows akimbo. This sets the pattern for the session. The clear, rich recorded sound ensures that even in the most complex passages of these outstanding improvisations, recorded in concert in Bristol, it is easy to follow the component parts of the collective sound."-Barry Witherden)/Jazz Journal July 09
Paul Dunmall: tenor saxophone Matthew Bourne: piano and cello
Dave Kane: bass
Steve Davis: drums
  • LabelSLAM
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