Eclectic Maybe Band - Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror CD

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Carla Diratz (Vocals)
Cathryn Robson (Vocals)
Roland Binet (Flute, Piccolo)
Martin Archer (Sax Sopranino & Alto)
Joe Higham (Sax Soprano & Tenor, Electronics)
Dave Newhouse (Sax Alto & Tenor, Bass Clarinet)
Jean-Pierre Soarez (Trumpet)
Ariane Plumerel (Violin)
Sigrid Vandenbogaerden (Cello)
Michel Delville (Guitar)
Eric Lemaître (Guitar)
Ángel Ontalva (Guitar)
Andy Kirk (Guitar, Keyboards)
Catherine Smet (Piano, Keyboards)
Guy Segers (Bass, Programming Virtual Instruments)
Franck Balestracci (Keyboards, Drums)
Dirk Wachtelaer (Drums)

“A second volume of the Guy Segers project where the basic live band session is enhanced by an extensive post production involving contributions from a wide range of musicians. This time round several tracks in the collection are focussed around the intense and distinctive voice of Carla Diratz.”
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