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“Members of Papir and Causa Sui travel through new musical realms. Three musicians with their own compass: Martin Rude and Jakob Skøtt have shared a wide range of musical quests: from Causa Sui's "Bitches Brew of stoner rock" crossing the folk meditations of Sun River and arriving most recently as members of the pre-fusion electric dealings of the London Odense Ensemble.
Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen is not merely adding a new layer to an established duo, but his presence to the party have brought it into more meditative dwellings. These pieces move slowly, evolving like the slow growth underneath the ground. Whereas Causa Sui and Papir have always excelled at blistering panoramic and often sundrenched sounds, Edena Gardens takes a dive inwards and downwards rather than outwards. But there's also an electrically charged ecstatic rawness to the dealings. Like "Æther", the ten-minute opener's two guitars-and-a-drum kit improv, finding its way from tumbling drones into monolithic slow riffage. Elsewhere, we find trails of electronic vapors, misfiring bursts of noise and slow drones stretched out.
Edena Gardens is a thing to be experienced first-hand -- it's not for everyone, but those who decide to stay are greatly rewarded. It's a debut unlike any other record on El Paraiso, perhaps unlike any you've ever heard. Welcome to Edena Gardens.”
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