Zorn, John - 444 CD

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Brian Marsella: Electric Piano
John Medeski: Organ
Kenny Grohowski: Drums, Percussion
Matt Hollenberg: Electric Guitar

"444 is among the best things I’ve ever done." —John Zorn

“In 2020 Brian Marsella joined the heavy metal organ trio “Simulacrum” to spawn the astonishing fusion quartet “Chaos Magick”. This fourth CD in their ever-expanding legacy is a magical collection of instrumental music at its finest. Tighter and wilder than ever, Medeski, Hollenberg, Grohowski, and Marsella perform with a remarkable rapport in this provocative new direction from Downtown alchemist John Zorn, who has been exploring new musical worlds and confounding expectations since the 1970s!”
  • LabelTzadik
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