Egoband - Tales From The Time CD

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Active and releasing records for at least 25 years, Egoband are an Italian four piece who formerly had a number of releases on Mellow. This is their first new release in 16 years!
Their music is a cross between neo-prog and Rock Progressivo Italiano, with especially strong keyboards.

"It took seventeen long years to Egoband to complete this return. Substantial exponent of the movement Italian neo prog with assets of three albums in the first half of the ninety and convincing and canterburyano "Earth" was in fact granted a pause for reflection. Today it returns in top form with these unreleased music pages that tell of extraordinary chronicles of time. The eight tracks (nine if you include the unexpected "Tales from the time" ghost tail track in Italian) are the tales of time . They synthesize the meticulous account of a complex work of teams which shows the characteristic of Egoband trademark sinking your mood gleanings between hard rock and melodic textures typical of the British prog bands like Pendragon and IQ of all but with precise references to the band historical Italian as PFM, Ticket and Tour.
This album tells the time in all its dimensions, in its global existence, so the distant past, to understand what has happened, where we come from, if we are alone or are there other life forms. Then there is this, that even this form of time is subject to the eternal actuality, thinking about what and especially how we are living, because every day there are all kinds of obstacles to overcome, and among them is no less than the media which always tries to create distractions and forcing mass, always trying to impose a collective maneuver. And finally, how not to think about the future? Again the questions are multiple also giving room for imagination. Here, on this record lka band we told our journey in search of our roots, remembering the past, living the present, in the hope of a better future for our children and for those who remain, always in search of our time.
on the cover is depicted Chankillo, an ancient solar observatory called "the thirteen towers", located in the coastal desert of Peru in the Casma valley, dating back to the fourth century BC. Chankillo was the first astronomical observatory ever existed, the dislocation of its thirteen towers made it possible to precisely measure the Earth's evolution, the solstices and seasons. The first place where you measured the time!"
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