Mother Engine - Hangar

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"The third album of the German psychedelic/prog rock band Mother Engine is a real unique piece of music, which, on one hand, used to be a concept album to show the evolution of the "Mother Engine" in their fictive story of the spaceship of the same name and its crew, and on the other, as the evolution of the musicians themselves in songwriting and DIY recording and production processes to really get inside of the implementation of their imagination. The album Hangar was made in a very ornate and passionate process that took a lot of time and a lot of energy, but represents the sound and the intention really well. Since the band got a lot of reactions over their last two albums, that differed from "really good and clean sound", to "good, but live much better energy", they decided to take care of recordings themselves. The offer to record in a lovely place in the woods of our home region (Vogtland), with their good friend and experienced sound technician Marco Naumann (Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma, Up in Smoke) came nearly at the same time as they decided to record the new material for their third album, so it seemed like some kind of fortune to fulfill."
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