Ontalva, Angel / No Grooves - Blood Moon Tonight

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Ángel Ontalva – guitar
Yuri Turov – guitar
Wadim Dicke – bass
Ilya Shekk – drums

Some of you know Angel Ontalva as the leader of the very fine, Spanish, 'modern R.I.O.' band October Equus.
In addition to his more composerly rock' work with O.E., he also works in electric jazz and improvised music.
This new one is an electric jazz album featuring 3 musicians from Siberia. This is very composerly jazz/rock, with an emphasis on the angular tunes and interesting (not show-offy) soloing. Highly recommended!

"The Spanish-Siberian project, having started as a free improvising collaboration between the avant-progressive guitarist and composer Ángel Ontalva and the Tomsk-based post-rockers Sine Seawave, now takes a new direction on its first sudio album. No Grooves, if it might have appeared once as a 1+3 combination, is undoubtedly a solid quartet now. Most of the material is made up of the compositions by Ángel Ontalva, who freely exchanges the lead and rhythm guitar parts with Yuri Turov, interweaving in a counterpoint here and then. There are updates in the rhythm section: Wadim Dicke, this time wielding a fretless bass, is joined by the Krasnoyarsk-based Ilya Shekk, who's playing "as a rock drummer should", to quote the band leader - and he has played with a lot of drummers in his career. The result is instrumental prog rock without any hint of "neo-" or "retro-", sounding fresh and unpredictable that far in the 21st century."

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