Orchestre National De Jazz - Europa Berlin CD

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This is the French National Jazz Orchestra - on this recording a 11 piece band - who have a revolving cast of artistic directors.
This is a frighteningly good, stunningly complex album of electric jazz that is on the level of complexity, especially rhythmically of someone like Albert Marcoeur or Arrigo Barnabe, if either of those two were writing 'jazz'.
Lots of great stuff going on at fairly blinding speed and those who know my enthusiasm for avant-progressive and envelope-pushing that doesn't completely lose the melodic thread (well, at least *I* don't think so), will be enchanted by this. Really!
Paul Brousseau : Fender Rhodes, Bass Synthesizer, Effects
Hugues Mayot : Alto Saxophone
Jean Dousteyssier : Clarinet
Bruno Chevillon : Double Bass, Electric Bass
Éric Echampard : Drums
Olivier Benoit : Guitar
Sophie Agnel : Piano
Alexandra Grimal : Tenor Saxophone
Fidel Fourneyron : Trombone
Fabrice Martinez : Trumpet
Théo Ceccaldi : Violin
"This album is dedicated to the victims of the attacks in Paris on January 7, 8 and 9, 2015"
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