Yello - Solid Pleasure (expanded)

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"This remastered album was originally recorded for the Resident's label Ralph Records in 1981 and contains the seminal singles 'Bostich' & 'Bimbo' and also contains 5 bonus tracks, 4 on CD for the first time including 'Thrill Wave' (from the soundtrack Jetzt und Alles), 'I.T. Splash' (single B-side), 'Gluehead' (single B-side) & 'Smirak's Train' (also from the soundtrack Jetzt und Alles) plus 'Bostich' (N'est-ce pas) from the Yello Essential CD."

"Yello doesn't get much weirder than they did on their first two records. Claro Que Si, and it's predecessor Solid Pleasure, are both rich with outlandish soundscapes and musical ideas. If you've never heard Yello before "Oh Yeah" then you're sure to be in a shock hearing the band's earliest material.
Unlike most re-releases that tack on ho-hum bonus material, the bonus tracks to this remastered edition are all welcome additions that deserve repeat listens. "Thrill Wave" and "Smirak's Train" are two selections from a movie soundtrack that would have fit quite nicely placed in the above mentioned ambient suite. There's also an extended mix of "Bostich" that is much superior to the slight album version. "Gluehead" is simply one of the most insane Yello tracks I've heard."
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