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This Heat were a UK trio who were probably the closest that we've come to the original, groundbreaking Faust albums - a band that understood & used the studio as an integral part of their sound. Unlike Faust, they were (a) a great live act & (b) much more angry & 'committed'; there's no hippy/drug-isms here. This was their last release, & is their masterpiece; a massively ANGRY album, that was pretty much ignored at the time, but which has proven to be very influencial as the years have gone by. As Charles Hayward once said about it 'It was a time of Thatcherism & Reagan. We thought we were going to die, to be blown to bits at any moment.' An angry, pissed-off, arrogant (they knew they were doing incredible work), politicized, absolutely brilliant album. This is one of the best records released in the first half of the 1980s. Highly Recommended!

"Few will need introduction to This Heat’s second studio album, “Deceit”. As with “Blue and Yellow”, it stands out as a high-water mark in the extensive field of post-punk /avant-progressive /experimental rock music dating from the early eighties. It differs from the band’s debut album inasmuch as the great majority of the pieces are thoroughly composed songs, but the penchant to push the boundaries of sound manipulation is still highly apparent, and at the forefront of their motivations. The lyrics are more overtly political on “Deceit” and, while sang by all three group members, are most disturbing when delivered by drummer Charles Hayward, in his trademark, barbaric, growling, angrily-screeching manner. This perfectly compliments the musical scenarios as they simultaneously unfold and implode upon themselves in an onslaught of tricky drum patterns, outstanding guitar work and imposing bass thuddery."
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