Massacre - Lonely Heart

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I thought that this was by far the best Massacre album since Killing Time 25 years ago(!). The rhythm section is consistantly interesting and inventive and Fred plays just monsterously well here, in a way I haven't heard him do on record in too long. Sometimes I forget what a great guitarist he is, but this record reminded me. Highly recommended.

"Together since 1980, Massacre is one of the world’s classic cutting edge rock guitar trios. Opening for Metallica on the stage of the Roskilde Rock festival in front of an audience of 10,000 metal heads, they break out like never before. Here Frith puts down his brushes and chains and whips out some of the greatest flatout guitar fireworks he has ever performed. Three masters of rock improvisation kick out the jams in one of the greatest performances of their nearly thirty year existence. Astonishing and exhilarating."
Fred Frith: Electric Guitar
Charles Hayward: Drums, Melodica
Bill Laswell: Electric Bass
  • LabelTzadik
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