Massacre - Killing Time CD

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Right after Henry Cow ended, Fred Frith moved to NYC. He played a little with people here and there and worked on his Gravity album, but Massacre - formed on Valentine's Day, 1980, and lasting until late summer 1981, was his first real post-Cow band. Recorded mostly live in 1981, this pretty much helped to define the beginnings of the downtown scene, alongside such great and too much forgotten bands like The Decoding Society, Music Revelation Ensemble, Curlew, etc. With Fred-guitar, Bill Laswell-bass & Fred Maher-drums, this is the one CD that has Freds hottest guitar playing, & Laswell & Maher are great too. Remastered in 2005, this is the original album, the five extra tracks that were on the long out of print RecRec CD release, as well as two tracks that have never been released anywhere. I loved this band; highly recommended! The final time I saw them play was one of the most transcendent shows Ive ever seen. HOT HOT HOT!
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