Stormy Six - Megafono 2 x CDs

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Self released document of the band's live recordings from 1976-82. Great music and playing, and decent - but not great sound. Essential for fans. NON-fans should start elsewhere...
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You get to hear Stormy Six in some unusual situations mixing it up with some free-ish or improv oriented guests in some of these recordings that show another side of the band that has not been presented (most of their work was done in the studio). It's a wild ride! Sort of like Henry Cow's 'Concerts'. And like in that album there's improv and composed material. The sound also reminded me of 'Concerts' as it's not the best but enough to enjoy. Anyways, if you want to experience the Stormies in a freer environment, obviously enjoying themselves and quite great renditions of their known work than you can't go wrong with MEGAFONO.
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