Van der Graaf Generator - Real Time: Royal Festival Hall 2 x CDs

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A professional recording of the entire first reunion concert by the original Van der Graaf Generator lineup of Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, Peter Hammill and David Jackson on May 6, 2005.
The songs are:
1. Undercover Man
2. Scorched Earth
3. Refugees
4. Every Bloody Emperor
5. Lemmings
6. (In The) Black Room
7. Nutter Alert
8. Darkness (11/11)
9. Masks
10. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
11. Sleepwalkers
12. Man-Erg

"The RFH concert was recorded in full multi-track mode (as the final production rehearsal had been, "just in case" - which shows just how fearful the aura surrounding the enterprise was in some ways....). Hugh Banton stepped up to the plate to mix it, in the period between the summer shows and those in October/November. He did a fantastic job; as with the "Present" sessions early versions were passed around between us and various boos and hisses came from fellow-participants at perceived ill-treatment of their (naturally, always beautiful) playing and, indeed, of the overall sonic thrust and balance. Thanks to HB we have ended up with a genuine picture of the event both musically and emotionally."-Peter Hammill.

Black Room! Lemmings!!, Scorched Earth!!!
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