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The incredible first album by this legendary Krautrock ensemble, remastered by Manuel Göttsching himself!
The incredible power trio (guitar, bass, drums) first effort from 1971 by Germany's Ash Ra Tempel has Manuel Gottsching (guitar), Harmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (drums - this is before he became a space music pioneer!). Great, over-the-top, psychedelic power rock.

"After a couple of aborted demo's Ash Ra Tempel decided to go to Hamburg and record an album proper, with the aid of Conny Plank. This resulted in their debut, which was housed in a mystical elaborate centre-opening gatefold cover. As with their live jams, Ash Ra Tempel on record was a unique twist on the space-rock music as pioneered by Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, with elements of both yet devoid of songs, free-rock in the truest sense. Just one track per side: firstly with the power-drive storming "Amboss" (close to Klaus' work in Tangerine Dream) and in contrast, the shimmering timeless "Traummaschine". A yin-and-yang type concept that made for an extraordinary album."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

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