Eisenstadt, Harris - September Trio

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Harris Eisenstadt, drums, compositions / Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone / Angelica Sanchez, piano.

"With the jazz drumming tradition well assimilated, a first-hand knowledge of West African rhythms (he studied with local masters from Gambia, Ghana and Senegal) and a compositional vision of his own going as far as the contemporary classical field, Harris Eisenstadt has turned very rapidly into one of the most interesting, and in demand, musicians of the present international scene. Capable of making the most complex structure sound as if it was simple, and to forge intricate and crazy polyrhythmic patterns as if it were easy, here we have a clear case of someone who escapes the conventional divisions between the mainstream and the avant-garde – his music is innovative, but rooted in history. September Trio is Eisenstadt's new project with tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin and pianist Angelica Sanchez, the first already an established and notable figure in the creative jazz field, the other a rising talent from whom we expect much. Together they propose us a music full of detail and energy, corresponding to a solid concept. The future is in the making here."

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