ElSaffar, Amir - Inana

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I actually saw this group at the Iraqi Embassy in 2011 and they kept a mostly Iraqi, non-jazz audience completely spellbound with this compelling blend of jazz and traditional Iraqi music. Only in DC, right? Right!

"Inana is the follow-up to trumpeter Amir ElSaffar’s critically acclaimed 2007 release Two Rivers, which All Music Guide called “as impressive a debut as we’ve had in America in the 21st century.” In the four years since that release, ElSaffar’s compositional voice and palette have only advanced. While Two Rivers was about combining elements found in Iraqi music with the rhythms and aesthetics of modern jazz, Inana expands on that concept to include a microtonal harmonic and melodic language that combines the pitch-flexibility of Middle Eastern modality with the modulating melodic sensibilities of modern jazz."

Amir ElSaffar: trumpet, vocal, santour
Ole Mathisen: tenor & soprano saxophone
Zafer Tawil: oud, percussion
Tareq Abboushi: buzuq
Carlo DeRosa: bass
Nasheet Waits: drums

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