Embryo - Steig Aus CD

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This is a real favorite of mine and has been out of print on CD for many years, so it is a great pleasure to see it available again!
After recording several albums in the early 1970's, from late 1971 to late 1972 Embryo recorded two albums of jammy rock/jazz fusion, which their then current label refused to release because they thought that the band's 'rock' output had more commercial potential.
So the band sold the rights to Brain, who put them out and where they were rightly greeted as classics! A great band here too: Mal Waldron-electric piano (imagine! from Billie Holliday to Embryo!), Jimmy Jackson-mellotron (later of early Passport), organ, Dave King-bass (of Amon Duul II), Edgar Hoffman-violin, Roman Bunka-guitar, Jorg Evers-bass and Christian Burchard-drums, marimba.
A great, early, oddball fusion record!
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