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Excellent third release by heavy progressive quartet from Columbus, OH who gig heavily and it shows!
Lots of 70s space-rock/progressive moves of the Pink Floy, Nektar variety combined with hard rock ala early Sabbath and even some moves into adding a noise / sound aspect ala Guapo.
For me, Eye are about as good of a instrumentally based modern progressive rock band coming out of the USA that exists. Recommended!

�Eye was originally founded in Columbus, Ohio by keyboardist Lisa Bella Donna and drummer Brandon Smith. Kemado Records released their debut release, �Center Of The Sun�, in 2011. Two self-released albums �Second Sight� and �Live At Relay� followed this. Over the years Eye has gone through significant personal and personnel changes leading up to the release of Vision And Ageless Light.
Eyes�s music is a reflection of the progressive spirit of 70s icons Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, ELP, Yes and cult favorite Nektar. Add to their DNA primordial metal bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep and you have one potent combination of sounds. Utilizing vintage gear Eye really nails the sound, creating an album that lives up to their musical mentors.
Vision And Ageless Light is a clear capturing of an epic and ecliptic chapter for the band. It stands as a sonic document of a spirit of a band that rolled through a plethora of endless changes and seasons during its writing, recording, and completion. It also marks an introduction to a new solid, more musically communicative lineup of the group with the original songwriting foundation of it still mightily intact.�
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