Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking (expanded / remastered)

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Fantastic sounding, remastered, bonus-track laden, large booklet with rare photos designed by the great Phil Smee-studded, remastered version of Fairport's third album.

"Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny shine throughout this record, which is considered by some to be their Fairport peak together. The second album by a tragically short-lived Fairport Convention lineup. It seems top-heavy with Dylan tunes, three of them included, but they're done with such verve and freshness that they seem perfectly appropriate. As for the rest, Denny's performance on "Autopsy" is outshone only by her work on the apocalyptic nine-minute "A Sailor's Life," which is one of the great English folk-rock showcases ever recorded, a rival to such works as Phil Ochs' "Crucifixion" and Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row," as a song that just makes the listener "white out" inside, mouth open, when its over. Also highlighted by the definitive Denny recording of "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." And take in the powerhouse drumming, and realize what the band lost when Martin Lamble died."-William Ruhlmann & Bruce Eder/All Music [Island]
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