Faith - Blessed? (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Swedish doom metal band have a long history, but haven't released new albums too often in the 20 or so years the band has been around in one form or another.
Blessed? is their third release, and a highly intriguing one at that. Black Sabbath is an obvious influence to this slow, doom-heavy album, but in style and manner fellow Swedes Candlemass seems to have been more important. The overall sound is more similar to the second wave of doom metal that started in the 80's in general and early Candlemass in particular.
Adding elements from prog metal, some floating synths and symphonic segments to the songs helps establish a rather unique identity for this band, and adding in two folk compositions in a style known as polska, and fusing that music with doom metal, is a stroke of genius. These styles complement each other very nicely, resulting in rich and contrasting melodies.
All in all a good release for fans of Black Sabbath, Candlemass in particular and liberal minded prog fans in general.”-rym
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