Stone Garden - Stone Garden CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Originally recorded circa 1969, but unreleased until 30 years later, with liner notes and photos.

“Ultra-heavy psychedelic rock, this is among the best heavy psych albums ever.”-rym

“These guys have a fairly heavy reputation among fans of the genre and the opening cut of the album definitely shows why. It’s full on proto-doom and totally fuzzed out. Just the way heavy psych ought to be. Following this we have It’s A Beautiful Day. You may be expecting a mellow, flower power type folk song, but despite the title it continues the heavy fuzz tradition started with Oceans Inside Me. The World Is Coming To An End is another nice little ditty, but does not have quite the same level of heaviness as the previous tracks. But it’s pretty impressive for the fact that the oldest person in the band was around 15 or 16 at the time of recording. The following track returns us to the bestial fuzz onslaught. Six minutes of delicious psychedelic jamming. For my ears this is the stand-out track on the album. The blandly titled Da Da Da Da Da is a bit of a weaker song, but it’s nothing insulting. Halfway through the compilation and we have heard two softer songs and three heavy ones. Not a bad ratio, and it basically continues on like this for the remainder. Stop My Thinking is a fairly uninteresting blues song, and may be a turn off for the heavy heads. But once again it’s not a total waste of sound and even at their worst this band can still entertain. Track number seven returns the heavy fuzz to our ears and gets us ready for the big grand finale. Well not actually the finale, but Woodstick would definitely be an appropriate closer. It’s long, drenched in blistering hot psychedelic vibrations, and overloaded with the groovy fuzz this band excels at. Definitely a highlight and probably the heaviest track here...
Overall this is a great listen and if there’s one thing to take from this review it’s the word fuzz which there is plenty to go around on this record.”-doommania
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