Fallen Angels - The Great Society Sucks: Halloween 1968 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“'We're not evil, but we do evil things. Anything to blow society's mind. When we play, we take people's brains out and then put them back in. A dry-cleaning job,' said the Fallen Angels lead singer and songwriter, Jack Bryan, in an interview with the short-lived Dapper Magazine in 1968. Since that time there has never been a live performance from the 60s of the Fallen Angels released. This album seeks to rectify that situation and is a time capsule of that turbulent year.
Since Washington DC was the home for the Fallen Angels, the band did not miss out on radicalizing the 1968 presidential elections by letting their disparaging views on the LBJ and his 'Great Society' be aired. Amidst all the politics is a great live performance by the Fallen Angels, combining original songs from their two psychedelic albums ('No Way Out' and 'Poor Old Man') with a previously unreleased song ('Everything Would Be Fine'), along with covers of Dylan (done acid-rock style), Donovan (raga-rock style), and Love (the highlight of the show, 'Signed DC' is a nine minute tour de force interrupted by a fist fight in the audience.
The Fallen Angels broke up a year later in 1969, but not before blowing many a mind on the east coast during their glorious reign in Washington DC."
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