Various Artists - Come Back Bird (The Abilene Teen Scene 1964-1967) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“In the 60's, Abilene, Texas had a thriving music scene. Bands enamored with the British Invasion sound of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Beatles formed in droves. The top band in Abilene was The Chevelle V, whose best known track, 'Come Back Bird' employed the British slang for 'girl' and the beat of The Yardbirds' 'I'm A Man.' The other popular Abilene bands, such as The Livin' End, The Continentals and The Coachmen, comprise the other recordings on this album, making this the most complete trip yet to Abilene in the 60's. Only seven of the recordings were ever released during the 60's, which reflects the rarity of the recordings included on this 24 track collection.”

“There were vigorous garage band scenes all over the U.S. in the mid-'60s as young musicians, inspired by the British Invasion sounds of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Who, and the Kinks, picked up electric guitars and had at it, usually resulting in music that was more about attitude and approximation than it was about originality or skill. Abilene, TX had such a scene, and this fun set collects four of the region’s most popular garage outfits, the Chevelle V, the Livin' End, the Continentals, and the Coachmen.
Of course, being Texas, there was also a lot of Buddy Holly bubbling under these bands’ singles, too. Highlights here include the Chevelle V's “Come Back Bird” (there are three versions of it collected here, of which the original single version is the best) and their version of the surf classic “Koko Joe”; the Livin' End's sizzling takes on “Roadrunner,” “All Alone” (essentially “I’m a Man” with different lyrics), “My Destination” (a fuzzed out near-cousin to the Beatles' “Day Tripper”), and the Who-like “Makin' Time”; and the Coachmen's reverb-soaked “Hush Broken Heart” (take away the-reverb-goes-to-11 sonic veneer and it’s really a country song). Nothing here is much different than the garage sounds happening elsewhere in the country at the time, and nothing here rewrote the history of pop and rock, but it’s fun all the same, a bit like stepping into a time machine.”-AllMusic
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