Faveravola - Castrum Zumellarum CD

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“The return of FAVERAVOLA with a concept album that is also a medieval prog-rock opera, narrating the saga of the Zumelle Castle and the love between the knight Muricimiro and Atleta.
Those who loved the 1970s proto-prog and the epic, fairy-tale atmospheres of "La Contea dei Cento Castagni" (2006) will only be able to welcome FAVERAVOLA's recording return with great enthusiasm.
The Venetian band, made up of musicians with distant experiences in the 70s, stylistically a progressive mix between Le Orme and Branduardi, after multiple vicissitudes completes "Castrum Zumellarum", a medieval-prog-rock work inspired by the Zumelle castle saga (still existing in the Belluno area) and of the troubled love between the knight Murcimiro and Atleta.
Nine episodes, from the opening chorale with organ “Anno Domini DXXV” to the moving finale of “Canto d'amore di un menestrello”, between romance, adventurous scene changes, epic prog-rock rides and touching pastoral moments, where the sounds of Hammond and piano of Giancarlo Nicorelli become the protagonists, again assisted by his consolidated companions Adriano Durighetto (bass), Paolo Coltro (drums), Gianluca Tassi (electric guitar). Consuelo Marcon's violin once again proves precious and evocative in characterizing the sound of Faveravola, as do Renato Bettello's flute and soprano sax, and Flavio Miotto's acoustic guitar.
Great protagonists Alessandro Secchi and Bianca Luna, who with their vocal interpretations gave expressive strength and pathos to the musical story. The art-work and wonderful illustrations by Marta De Martin also deserve a special mention.”
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