Fenaison - Plat

"Fenaison is a group committed to the making of new music that is texturally driven, improvised, exploratory, and boundary crossing. Performing with intuition, ingenuity, and integrity, Fenaison pushes the limits of the anticipated and the accepted with their dynamic and intensely unique performances. Members of the ensemble come from such diverse backgrounds as classical composition, noise music, contemporary performance, improvisation, electronic music and jazz. This ensemble has been heralded as both exciting and innovative."

"Listening to Fenaison reminds me why I enjoy improvisation. They make music that is passionate, mysterious, and full of contradictions - careful and abandoned, melodic and noisy, peaceful and edgy, logical and surprising - music that doesn't make sense. In other words, it's alive! And well..."-Fred Frith
  • LabelAmbiances Magnetiques
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