Finisterre - In Ogno Luogo

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"In Ogni Luogo was released in early 1999 on the IrIdea label, and is notable for the pristine production work by former PFM collaborator Roberto Colombo. Back to a four piece, the album is mostly instrumental, although vocalist Francesca Laho guests on In Ogni Luogo and i>ContinuitadiLaraneltempo while Sergio Caputo adds lilting violin to Snaporaz and Le Citta Indicibili and takes a more aggressive lead role in Coro Elettrico. The compositions are mostly quite laid back, refined numbers which are superbly played and arranged. There are reflections of Camel in the more symphonic moments of ContinuitadiLaraneltempo and particularly on Peter's House. Coro Elettrico has a slightly Eastern flavour while elsewhere the music evokes the Mediterranean landscape. In Ogni Luogo is a truly superb album, high quality music and musicianship packaged in a striking sleeve. I thoroughly recommend this album and am now on the frantic search for copies of their other albums! Conclusion: 9 out of 10"-Mark Hughes/
  • LabelIridea
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