Flight - Incredible Journey

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This is a very, very obscure (although not particularly rare), US progressive rock album by a band who released three albums between 1975-1980. This is the first-ever, legitimately licensed from masters, reissue of their 2nd, from 1976.

Featuring heavy keyboards AND heavy brass, this is kind of like a head-on collision between ELP and early Chicago Transit Authority. That's right; horn-rock meets symph-pomp! There's some very good playing here, although this is very much a product of its time and to me, it sounds it.

"The whiplash inducing dimension of sympho proggery that Flight operate within is distinctly American, with a sound that mates relentless guitar and whizzing synth prog ferocity to Mahavishnu-cum-Moreira fusionoid twists; the conjunction landing 'em somewhere between Viola Crayola and Shadowfax's Watercourse Way, but with added horn chart bombast. This damn thing scarcely ever comes up for air; just cascade after cascade of crashing intensity. Absolutely toe curling and one of the finest prog units this country ever produced."-Mutant Sounds
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