Dalton - Riflessioni: Idea D'Infinito

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"Dalton's debut album Riflessioni: Idea D'Infinito clocks in at ridiculous 28+ minutes, but every minute of it is quality time. Affinity to early UK prog is noticeable in the grimy, blues-influenced guitar riffs and leads, typically breathy and percussive flute lines, occasional stabs at (then) avant-garde lectronic episodes (e.g. the jarring, metallic keyboard sounds in Riflessioni" and the Leslie-treated feedback guitar solo in"Dimensione Lavoro") and the use of acoustic guitar/piano and vocal harmonies to provide softer contrast. However, the characteristically Italian lyricism seeps through especially in thevocal melodies and the keyboardist occasionally moves from organand piano to buzzing synthesizer sounds. The balladic "Cara Emily"particularly pushes things in the classical-symphonic direction,adorned as it is with streaking Moog leads and a Mellotron halo.Since none of the album's six tracks goes over seven minutes, theytend to be concise and energetic packages with lots of ideas thrownaround in short time, even if their development isn't fully pursued.They are also linked by a recurring instrumental segue whichconsists of a pretty, pastoral flute melody over a piano/bassobbligato. While Riflessioni isn't on par with the Italianheavyweights, its budding and spirited prog still has immediacy thatshould appeal to fans of the genre."-Kai Karmanheimo/Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock
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