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"Outrageous and purely innovative, Floh De Cologne, since their inception in 1966 as a student cabaret and music band, constantly surprised, puzzled and always deliberately broke convention. Their elaborate stage shows, socio-political theatrical productions and pure musical innovation lead to obvious comparisons with the similarly radical Mothers Of Invention. Yet, whilst the Mothers were chiefly the vehicle of one musician, Floh De Cologne were a collective unit of creative musicians and actors, who continually dared to take chances, provoke and surprise their audience via a blend of rock, satire and theatre. The most unusual and innovative of all Floh De Cologne albums was GEYER~ SYMPHONIE, which concerns the life of corporate magnate Friedrich Flick and his exploits, and even if one doesn't understand German the music is still extraordinary, a concoction of rock, blues, jazz and experimental theatre, with diverse elements like death marches, skiffle, Rock 'n' Roll, even schlager and spaghetti western type musics! Trying to picture such a concoction is impossible, yet Floh De Cologne not only manage it, but succeed with amazing results. Pure innovation!"-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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