Focus - Golden Oldies CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“It seems common now for 'older' bands to re-record their hits, either to allow them to be licensed out and released without having to obtain expensive licenses from the original record label the songs were recorded under.
These re-recordings of old Focus tunes by the current lineup is both energetic and entertaining, whether it's the frantic guitar/flute riffing of the classic Hocus Pocus, the cod-medieval organ riffing of Focus 1 or the slightly funky Sylvia.
The main bone contention is the lack of Jan Akerman, who hasn't been in Focus for some years now, but the guitarist here Menno Gootjes, does a fantastic job, as do the rest of the Focus lineup - Thij Van Der Leers is on top form with his flute playing and hammond organ, although his vocals are no longer in the range they used to be. If you already have all the Focus albums, I'm not sure you'd want this - unless you want to hear the current lineup playing the hits. However, that's up to you. The album is a fine set of recordings, and Focus today does Focus of the band yesterday justice.”
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