Forever Einstein - Artificial Horizon CD

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John Roulet - drums & percussion
Marc Sichel - bass
C.W. Vrtacek - amplified acoustic guitar and keyboards

Forever Einstein use guitar, electric bass, & a wonderfully idiosyncratic drummer to unique ends, performing well thought out & playful instrumental rock music that is highlighted by a great sense of dynamics & sensitivity from all. Their immediately identifiable ''power trio with smarts'' sound has won them a broad range of acclaim. All three players are really superlative musicians, & there is a ton of great ideas percolating around here.

''...eccentric, highly original instrumental music that is stimulating, musically challenging & remarkably accesible...the group shows that music can be complex, category defining & far reaching & have innate melodic content. Despite the complexities of the music, the trio has a remarkably clean & uncluttered sound. Guitarist C.W. Vrtacek is a phenomenal player with an expansive sound. All in all a thoroughly inventive album.''-Relix. "One of the most impressive and entertaining instrumental prog rock discs of all time. Its that good."-Brad Smith, author, Billboard Guide To Progressive.
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