Frith, Fred / Keep The Dog - That House We Lived In 2 x CDs

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Keep The Dog was Fred's all-star, late 1980's/early 1990's touring band, which played all over Europe and beyond, but strangely never released anything until 15 years later! The band at the time of these recordings consisted of
Jean Derome (saxes, flute, voice)
Fred Frith (guitar, bass, violin, voice)
Charles Hayward (drums, voice)
Rene Lussier (guitar, bass)
Bob Ostertag (sampler)
Zeena Parkins (accordion, electric harp, keyboards, voice)
There are songs that I recognize from Gravity, Speechless, Cheap At Half The Price, Killing Time and much more.

"Every Keep The Dog concert was different. For these CDs I've tried to re- create the feeling of a typical two-set concert. More than anything, this music demonstrates the importance of the collective process...the musicians always had the freedom to twist and turn the music to fit any and every occasion."-Fred Frith
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