Frith, Fred - Rivers and Tides CD

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Fred Frith (guitar, samples, violin, piano, berimbao), Karoline Hofler-double bass, Bernd Settelmeyer (percussion), Wolfgang Stryi (soprano sax, bass clarinet). "The land art works by Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist living in Scotland, gave Thomas Riedelsheimer his inspiration for the film Rivers and Tides, winner of the Deutscher Kamerapreis for 2001 (documentary section). For over one year, he and his team followed Goldsworthy as he busied himself with rivers and tides in Canada, the United States, France and Scotland. Never before had Goldsworthy allowed any filmmaker to catch such intense glimpses of the designing and creation of his nature art works. Fred Frith, the English composer and improvisation artist who was charged by Riedelsheimer with composing the music for the film let himself be inspired by the extraordinary nature sculptures and tried to transpose as much as possible of the "character" of these works into his music. He worked with tones, sounds of nature - especially water - and of course with time, bringing the music into direct dialogue with the images. For Winter & Winter, Fred Frith has now arranged selected parts (I-VIII) from the original film music for a CD."
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