Fumio & Osamu - Shin Chugoku

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“A duo by Osamu Kitajima and Fumio Miyashita, formed at the end of 1971 when Osamu Kitajima returned from his trip to United Kingdom where he got influenced by the exploding psychedelic rock scene that was happening at the time.
After recording his debut under moniker of 'Justin Heathcliff', he got together with Fumio Miyashita of FAR EAST FAMILY BAND and FAR OUT. Together they worked on an amazing psychedelic / progressive rock album, with a folky, yet pastoral, mellow approach.”

Fumio Miyashita: vocal, harmonica, organ, recorder, chime
Osamu Kitajima: ac-guitar, el-guitar, piano, chorus
Kei Ishikawa: bass, el-sitar, chorus, chime
Manami Arai: drums, chorus, mokugyo, dora
Eiichi Sayu: el-guitar
Joe (F.T.B.): chorus
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Sort of Osamu's "Tyrannosaurus Rex - Beard of Stars" album to his Benzaiten (T. Rex self titled era) album.....in that I mean this is more acoustic with flashes of fuzzy-electric guitars and folk-leanings! To me Benzaiten is KING of the bunch of early Osamu Kitajima albums....so this sounds just like you'd guess if you know that one....it's more folk-oriented brother. In my opinion , if you LOVE, Benzaiten then the tunes here will make this a pleasant float of a listen. But if you never have experienced the Japan Trad music -meets-early T.Rex of Benzaiten….start with Benzaiten. (Sorry for so many references to THAT other album....but....I DO love it). The vocals here are all in Japanese....so if that turns you off....well, steer clear. Although the tunes of the vocals are quite memorable, and I find the voice as instrument idea to work for my ear. Just giving some clues to possible buyers. Still I'd say a GREAT album that links two different groups I'd never guessed would ever try and record together. PS; The Justin Heathcliff album from before this one is a hard trawl....Kitajima's broken English vocals ruin any "Beatles" sense for us Westerners. THIS album should be where you stop working backward in Osamu's discography....I worked farther back, and Justin Heathcliff is interesting, but one mess of ideas.
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