Acid Mothers Temple SWR - Yes, No & Perhaps

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This is the third album by the power trio of Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Koenjihyakkei) and Tsuyama Atsushi and Kawabata Makoto (of Acid Mothers Temple).
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, vocal, recorder, soprano sax
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums, vocal, keyboards, percussion
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, vocal, guitar synthesizer

"Way of 30 split records with a stone, fret the woman. 3 people sleight of hand song's Tawakemono of confusing music scene stamps, unleashing a sound mass group forbidden here! Otherwise by had like random chaos unprincipled no law-free theorem, jet emission radiation fire, at the same time as the moment, a wide variety of music that unfathomable, toX RĀ“then baked flashing attrition as the surging concluded reliable intention disappear, I can not listen to the two ears is far, such an ultra-high-speed ultra-high-density multi-dimensional simultaneous multiple risk circumvention of the law music! That is why the risk of stupid when you are finished listening, there addictive cause withdrawal symptoms. Shalt listen spirit breaking sound that hit the brain stem, and ready!"
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