Gaa - Auf der Bahn Zum Uranus CD

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"The Saarland group Gäa played German-language progressive rock. Their band name derives from the ancient Greek gods, where Gaia (Latin notation: Gäa) is the goddess of the earth and fertility. The group’s only LP, “Auf der Bahn zum Uranus”, was a short run released on the Kerston label in 1974 and is today sold at about € 600. It is a mature and well-balanced album, the artistic value of which long remained undiscovered. The tasteful cover was designed by Eduard Bell, the brother of Gäa bassist Peter Bell. This CD on Garden of Delights was released in co-operation with the artists and has the original cover artwork."

"Gäa was one of the more obscure German underground bands from the 70s. They recorded one album for the Kerston label. According to legend, after the album was released, many copies were destroyed due to poor sales. Of course this has driven the price of an original copy into the stratosphere.
The five piece had a sound a bit similar to early Eloy. Lots of organ, some flute, but more importantly some of the most wicked Hendrix influenced leads you will hear. Whip it all together with production that sounds like it was recorded in a massive echo chamber and you've got a winner. A stone cold killer."-ProgArchives
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