Galaxy - Visions

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"Galaxy from Bremen played a keyboard-dominated sort of art-rock. There are people who have called them 'the better Eloy', which is not quite unfounded. Although there were bands they admired, like Yes and Jethro Tull, they wanted to develop a style of their own. Founded in 1976, when the time came in 1979 to begin university studies, they wanted to document their 3 years of work, and they recorded this, their one and only album. "There were enough good original compositions at their disposal. Given the comparatively modest means, the result sounded amazingly good. It had been a real advantage for them to be able to work without any time pressure or anyone meddling. The 500 copies of the lp were sold at their last gigs and to friends."

"Galaxy from Bremen were not rediscovered until the late 1990s and are relatively unknown among collectors, which is no surprise as their only LP "Visions" of 1978 (SST / PR 020978) had a circulation of only 500 copies. Even during their "lifetime" they led a lonely wallflower existence in their hometown with just about 10 to 15 gigs. This is totally unjustified as their record is more than just good and sheer pleasure for the listener, except for the rather silly "Consequences". Certain Hawkwind quotations and a touch of art rock are the ingredients of a harmonious achievement. The lyrics are mostly taken from the world of science fiction, which explains the name of the band, the LP title and the cover artwork, a sort of alienated Milky Way. The fact that a band from Oberursel (LP / CD: "Nature’s clear well") has the same name, is purely co-incidental."
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