Garcia, Violetta - Fobia CD

Violeta Garcia - cello

"Violeta García is a cellist, improviser and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been studying music since 1998. She is a performer in many art forms, including free improvisation, contemporary and trans-media experimental repertoire in violoncello and electronic and collaborations with dancers and other artists. She is eager to improvise, compose and create new experimental sounds with extended techniques, prepared instrument and work with dynamic, rhythmic and original tuneful combinations in her intensities performances.
Fobia is the second solo album of the Argentinian cellist and composer Violeta García. In the last 7 years Violeta has focused her work on free improvisation exploring the amplified, prepared, expanded and extended violoncello. Violeta describes her album FOBIA as a very hyper-sensitive monster. The improvisations were thought and embodied in different types of phobias which give name to the themes of the album. The artist considers this album as a unique piece that marks very important moments in her artistic way/life."
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