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"Not lazy for a second. A wonderful and unique record that you must check out." – Mary Halvorson

Inzinzac are a fairly amazing Philadelphia trio of guitar, sax, drums. Their music is very raw and rough, but also tight as hell and very composed. It reminds me of a rough-hewn Etron Fou but brought up to date with modern day skronk and noise. They are one of the surprising number of interesting, entertaining, challenging brutal-prog bands cropping up all over and are one of the best. Highly recommended.

"Founded by a Philadelphia-based French musician Alban Bailly (guitar), Inzinzac includes Dan Scofield (soprano & tenor sax) and Eli Litwin (drums). Inzinzac is influenced by rock, new music, free jazz and the rhythms and energy of eastern European music. The trio combines strong improvisations with densely composed music. Meticulously balancing a thin line between melody and chaos, Inzinzac has a penchant for jagged angles and gradually expanding mazes of sound that obfuscate the boundaries of composition and improvisation. A brutal and muscular document, Inzinzac's first album captures the raw energy the power trio has nurtured through intense live shows and demanding group development. Across the album’s eight songs, Inzinzac moves through a plethora of styles, structures, and time signatures. Although all of the pieces were composed by Bailly, the trio finds plenty of room for individual and collective improvisation. Without overtly showing off their individual skills or blatantly shifting styles, Inzinzac has created an masterful debut record that is not easily compared to any other band."

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