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You couldn’t grow up in the DC area in the 70s, 80s or 90s and be interested in music and not be aware of, and in awe of, the legend that was guitarist Danny Gatton.
There was nothing like seeing him live, continuously knock it out of the ballpark without even breaking a sweat, but this, his first of two major label releases, is one of his best albums.

“After years of knocking around the Washington, D.C.-area circuit, local guitar legend Danny Gatton finally got to cut his first album for a major label. It was indeed worth the wait, spot-welding blinding speed and immaculate chops that went in a million different directions (jazz, country, rockabilly, blues, you name it) to a musical sensibility that made this all-instrumental album a whole lot more than just yer average fretboard wanking jam-fest.
Gatton's Telecaster really shines on diverse material ranging from Martin Denny's "Quiet Village" to the roadhouse shuffle "Funky Mama" to the off-the-wall rendition of the theme to The Simpsons.
Kudos to Elektra for having the corporate balls to put this out; short, chunky, and middle-aged, Danny Gatton was a bona fide guitar hero for the '90s, putting the lie to the hard canard that only speedburner metal mega-hair dudes can make the front covers of the guitar mags.”-Cub Koda/AllMusic
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