Magic Band - 21st Century Mirror Men CD + PAL (all region) DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston – bass
John “Drumbo” French – vocals, harmonica, drums on instrumentals
Gary Lucas – guitar
Denny “Feelers Reebo” Walley – guitar
Michael Traylor or Robert Arthur Williams – drums on vocal tracks

This album and DVD set, recorded live between 2003-20004, was the earliest version of the post-Don, John French-led Magic Band, which means you get the largest number of old Magic Band members involved!
“I know, that's John French doing that amazing impersonation of Van Vliet, but you know what? It's amazing. And who better?
The music never sounded clearer or stronger.
And they hit a great number of favorites kicking the set off with a blistering Moonlight On Vermont.
This is a tremendous live performance and I only wish they had lasted long enough for me to see them.”-Geoffrey R Balme
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