Magic Band - Plays The Music Of Captain Beefheart, Live In London, 2013 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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John [Drumbo] French – vocals, harmonica, sax, guitar, drums
Mark [Rockette Morton] Boston – bass
Denny [Feelers Rebo] Walley - slide guitar, vocals
Eric Klerks – guitar, bass, vocals
Craig Bunch - drums.

This is an excellent recording of a fiery gig by John French’s revived Magic Band in 2013. Not convinced? I think one listen to them tear through the opening track, “My Human Gets Me Blues” will convince!

"A stellar concert of the Captain's music recorded in London at Chelsea Under The Bridge during their 2013 spring tour. Led by the mercurial John "Drumbo" French, they deliver an inspired performance of one of the most exceptional avant-garde musical repertoires of our time.
Features twelve original Don Van Vliet compositions and a Willie Dixon/Bo Diddley penned track, together forming a true musical testament to the legacy of the great Captain Beefheart."

“Dammit, close your eyes while listening and you are back in the late 60s/early 70s. An absolutely stonking live set from Under the Bridge in Chelsea, London, 16 March 2013.
John [Drumbo] French IS the good captain, the band ARE the Magic Band. A swirling psychedelic mixture dipped in funky gumbo with killer vocals and riffs. The music is everything I loved about the original MB, discordant, weird, tight as a drum, fast and bulbous, you name it, it's there. The band are so tight they should be squeaking!”
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