Parkins, Zeena - Zeena Parkins and The Adorables CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is one of those albums that is impossible to classify stylistically, but it’s both really tuneful and also still experimental. Recommended!

“Zeena has been harpist, keyboardist, etc with Bjork, Skeleton Crew, News From Babel, No Safety and is an original stalwart of the Downtown NY scene. She is a pioneer of contemporary harp practices. Using expanded techniques, object preparations, and electronic processing she has re-defined the instrument’s capacities.
This 2013 album by a band she led that seemingly only made this one album, mixes acoustic orchestration with live electronics, beats, and unusual instruments.
Visceral, unearthly, exquisitely rich sounds mix with drones, crafted sound processing, feedback and the guts of harp strings.”
  • LabelCryptogramophone
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