Joubran, Adnan - Borders Behind CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Adnan Joubran : oud, percussion, voice
Prabhu Edouard : tablas
Valentin Mussou : cello
Jorge Pardo : flute & sax

“Top 10 of 2014, There is a clarity to this, a sharpness, a real acuity as if they are listening as much as playing...The mixture of Spain and Arabia is a natural one...Lovely, lovely, lovely.”-Muzikifan

“The trio of oud-playing Joubran brothers have several acclaimed albums. Moving from Palestine to France, their modern improvisations and arrangements of traditional and new compositions have continued to shift in more global directions.
The music is no longer obviously Middle Eastern, except for the timbre and quarter tones of the oud. Melodies seem to flow freely from the instruments themselves and are suggestive of taksim. The rhythms, however, well up from Arabia and India. The Spanish influenced tracks have that Arabo-flamenco feeling derived from the period of Medieval Moorish Spain, where and when the music of Europe and the Middle East had already blended and jammed, and which was carried on by the later arriving Roma [Gypsies] (of Indian origin).
A new wave of musicians residing in France is creating a contemporary Eurasian sound, and Joubran now joins Nguyên Lê and Renaud García-Fons in that synthesis of world music and free jazz pioneered in part by the group Oregon. Borders Behind, the title of the album, speaks for all musicians-without-borders, whose thirst for diverse musical sounds lead to sharing and novel cosmopolitan compositions.”-Debra Jan Bibel
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  • UPC3149026008922
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