Soft Machine - Other Doors CD

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THEO TRAVIS - tenor and soprano saxophones, flutes, Fender Rhodes piano, electronics FREDDY BAKER - fretless bass guitar
special guest
ROY BABBINGTON - bass guitar (tunes 2 and 9)

The lastest Soft Machine album is, again, a shockingly good jazz/rock album. Shocking that is if you haven’t been paying attention to them in the last four or five years or haven’t had the chance to see them knock it out of the ballpark live, night after night!
It’s the first to feature the great Freddy Baker on bass, who replaced Roy Babbington last year (although Roy shows up in a guest spot) and it’s also the last to feature the wonderful John Marshall, who, at 81, has decided it was time to retire from druming. He brings his great career to a fine conclusion here and he sounds great, just as he always did. Recommended and not merely for nostalgia’s sake!

“"Soft Machine is a journey through time and space and their glorious artistic past, but also through a classy present, with a band that, despite the changes in members, maintains intact that unique style of psychedelic jazz that combines power and subtlety and that is, almost six decades after it's formation, a registered trademark of one of the greatest contemporary instrumental bands."-RockAxis
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Not what I was expecting, given the context of having heard M. Rattledge all those years. I don't know how long Theo Travis has been playing, but his keyboard style whether by design or limitation, is sparse and leaves lots of space. Really good.
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