Yawning Man - Long Walk of the Navajo CD

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“Experimental rock band from the Palm Desert, CA, USA, formed in 1986. They have been noted to be one of the first influential bands in the desert rock scene.”

"Long Walk Of The Navajo features Gary Arce (guitar), Bill Stinson (drums), and the return of Billy Cordell (bass). The Long Walk Sessions were inspired by a desert storm that hit the Joshua Tree landscape that created a dark and gloomy backdrop for the band's creativity and improvisations."

“Two big epic pieces and one more feedback drenched shorter piece - all slow, still pretty heavy, but definitely more of a atmo post-rock psychedelic kind of sound. Nothing new but the length but still a fine effort. I'd have to pick the more ambient "Respiratory Pause" as my favorite of the three.”-rym
  • LabelHeavy Psych Sounds
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